Maguires is an agricultural based company and was founded in 2002 by Alistair Mackenzie. He was later joined by Trevor Duxbury to make up the management team. Based in Harare, we have three depots from where we run our operations that supply fertilizers, chemicals, protective clothing equipment and coal countrywide.

Maguire’s has control and is the major distributor for Hwange Colliery Coal in association with the National Railways of Zimbabwe. We have direct distribution agreements with Bayer, Syngenta and Nova HK controlling some 40% of the entire country’s Agrochemical business. With a wide variety of stock we can help you find the best product for your crop.

With a strong focus on tobacco crops, we distribute over 25000 tonnes of high specification tobacco blends under the Kynoch / ETG Global brand. We have various fertilizer programs for other crops as we supply for maize, potatoes, wheat, peas and specialty crops.

Contribution to the industry

99% of all our efforts and focus are to the supply of agricultural inputs for Maguires customers, growing to the presentation of a crop for the tobacco grower and of course, to the recovery, purchase and ultimately sale and export of a crop to the best advantage for the merchant.

It’s safe to say that our focus is to profit – which is our livelihood. Alongside this is a desire to help strengthen and solidify the state of agriculture in Zimbabwe wherever possible.

We have dramatically transformed our whole operations to world class standards. We now want the auditor and the customer to inspect us, we now want to show the world of tobacco that we are serious, we are sustainable and we are traceable.

We are here to take market share through efficiency and best practice, with the same Zimbabwe tobacco quality that will provide a revenue into the next generation.

Our mission

Building sustainable, long-term businesses in agriculture and energy

Nurturing and expanding a cadre of outstanding operating managers

Ensuring positive cash flows across the board

Advancing low operating costs

Acquiring and developing land with a clear sustainability mandate

Maintaining a positive impact on surrounding communities

Passion for Farming.

Agriculture made better.