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Basal Fertilizers are your starter fertilizer comprising of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium. They also contain some secondary nutrients like sulphur, zinc and boron. All these nutrients are basic building blocks for any plants nutrition. Such fertilizers are applied to the soil at planting or prior to planting.

Banana Blend (14.3.35)

Tobacco Seedbed Blend (7.21.7)

High B Tobacco Blend (10.24.20)

High C Tobacco Blend (6.28.23)

MgS Tobacco 5.21.17

Tobacco Blend 9.24.20

Cereal Blend (6.23.23)

Cereal Blend (6.28.23)

Clearwater Blend (15.5.25)

TD SOP (17.01.17)

Compound D (7.14.17)

Gumtree Blend (6.21.10)

Nut Blend (13.4.19)

Soya Blend (05.20.33)

Tobacco Lime Blend (5.25.20)

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Nitrogen, potassium, phosphate, sulphur, calcium and magnesium are used either individually or in combination to form a Top Dressing. They are used as an additional application to plants during their growth phase. Their purpose is to top up the plants with what they are deficient in.



These consist of specially formulated products to help individual crops with nutrient deficiencies at certain times in the plant growing phases. Most of these nutrients are chelated and are applied as foliars.

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Our Optimizer range includes precisely formulated foliar sprays that are designed for specific crops. Some of them even include applications for various stages of the crop.

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Fertilizer conditioners are mainly used to maximize soil health management. If the soil health is poor or incorrect then it will effect the uptake of all nutrients applied. It includes liquid lime which is a highly dispersible liquid fertilizer that helps to correct the pH in the planting zone for the season.

Soil Sampling bags


Chelated Iron

Chelated Manganese

Chelated Zinc

Copper Sulphate

LB Urea

Sodium Molybdate

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