To implement industry leading sustainable farming practises that lead to a strong and more robust African agricultural industry across all the areas that Maguires are involved in. 

Background & Expertise

Maguires is an agricultural company founded in 2002 and based in Harare, Zimbabwe. The company operates out of two depots, supplying fertilizers, chemicals and coal countrywide. Holding a strong focus on tobacco, Maguires supplies inputs to over 150,000 small-scale farmers and 200,000 ha of commercial tobacco produced across the country annually. 

Maguires distributes over 35,000 tonnes of high specification tobacco blends under the Kynoch/ETG Global Brand; alongside this we have various fertiliser programs for other crops including maize, potatoes, wheat, peas and speciality crops. We also hold direct distribution agreements with Bayer Synenta and Nova Agro Chemicals, controlling some 40% of the nations’ Agrochemical business. 

Maguires is a major distributor for Hwange Colliery coal; we have control of a major rain depot in Harare and distribute coal to farmers across the country. 

Coal Trucks

At Maguires we think big and are continuously expanding! We have brought to the market affordable protective chemical gear, we are introducing a widely stocked competitive Trade Centre, as well as establishing a fully functioning recycling facility to eventually recovering every plastic bottle and bag sent out by us, we then recycle these by manufacturing cups, planting pockets and chemical crates via the process. 

We have dramatically transformed our whole operation to world-class standards. We believe we provide our clients with the inputs needed to succeed in Africa, helping create an environment where all who work with Maguires experience ‘Agriculture Made Better’

Our Mission

  • Building sustainable, long term businesses in Agriculture and Energy.
  • Maintaining a positive impact on surrounding communities. 
  • Acquiring and developing land with clear sustainable mandate. 
  • Aiding the national agricultural industry wherever possible. 
  • Instil our manta ‘Agriculture Made Better’ across our offerings. 
  • Nurturing and Expanding a cadre of outstanding operating managers. 
  • Ensuring positive cash flows across the board. 
  • Advancing low operating costs. 

Research & Development

Providing quality products and services is of the utmost importance to us at Maguires. 

We are embarking on a series of research and development exercises, highlighted mainly by lime trials and chemical trials. 

These trials and experiments are aimed at finding the best possible solutions required to help growers gain the greatest yields at the most affordable costs in the Zimbabwean agriculture climate. 

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Sustainable Development

At Maguires we are always looking ahead trying to improve the manner in which we conduct our businesses, as well as looking for ways of eradicating any harmful effects our business may have on the environment it coincides with. 

We take sustainability very seriously and have begun implementing strategies that dissect every environmental interaction we have that may impact negatively with the agricultural ecosystem we are so heavily involved with. 

We take this so seriously in fact, that we have taken the leap in launching a recycling facility to service all our clients, aiming to minimise our impact on the environment and charge ahead in implementing industry leading sustainable business practises. We want the auditor and customer to inspect our practises and show the world of agriculture that we are traceable and very serious about environment sustainability. 

The recycling project is an initiative we care very much about at Maguires. By getting the agricultural industry on board with our sustainable vision, we believe this will have a long lasting impact not only the longevity of the industry but will also impact on how the outside world views Zimbabwe’s agricultural practices. Which can only be seen as good for business and exciting for the future of Zimbabwe agriculture. 

Expansion & Growth

As an enterprise Maguires aims to operate profitably and successfully across the board. We are dynamic and competitive in all that we offer. We are here to take market share through efficiency and best practise; Maguires is a rock-solid, reliable and very trustworthy business that is ready to help steer  the Zimbabwean agricultural industry back to the upper levels it was once revered to operate in. 

We are continuously expanding our operations, and are currently development a fertilizer blending site. This along with our recycling facility shows our commitment to growth and development.

Out & About with Maguires

Growers are constantly looking to improve their performance year in year, one way to do this is by interacting with other growers and sharing success stories as well as highlighting areas that we not so successful. 

We make sure to organise a series of annual field days across the country that out on show these very case studies, so growers can share their experiences and take note of others. 

The customer always comes first at Maguires; we aim to provide a more than satisfactory experience for every client who chooses Maguires above our competitors 

Customer interaction is valued highly by us, we choose to give back by playing host to our annual Maguires Golf day, where all our clients and supporters get to partake in a fun filled affair that is a highlight on the calendar for all involved.