Maguires is determined to uphold and strengthen its position as a market leading supplier of agricultural inputs by continuously providing our customers with guaranteed quality through our services and products. We aim to improve our processes and efficiencies on an ongoing basis to ensure customer confidence is never questioned when dealing through Maguires.

In order to attain customers confidence we established the following strategic objectives:

  • preserving customers confidence at the uppermost level and maintaining customer satisfaction,
  • supplying products and services of a very high standard,
  • continuously running a well-oiled business machine that is always expanding and improving,
  • always looking to sources of new technology to improve our efficiency and processes,
  • increase personnel competence by training, mindfulness and evaluation,
  • maintaining all divisions of our operations function within the regulations set by governmental and multinational bodies. 


In order to achieve these objectives, we established the following strategy:

  • implementing an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System,
  • excellent communication on importance of quality and service delivery,
  • increased awareness on major risks that may occur throughout the organisation,
  • ensuring the whole team at Maguires is fully committed to meeting the needs and requirements of both customer and regulatory bodies.


The entire management team at Maguires is committed to ensuring we provide an unwavering level of top-quality products and services to our clientele.

Please view this official quality policy statement as a testament towards this.

Alistair Mackenzie & Trevor Duxbury

Company Directors