Bush Camps & Domestic Homes20210813090529

Bush Camps & Domestic Homes

Bush Camps & Domestic HouseholdsLAWNSSoil Condition:A lot of lawns in both domestic gardens and in bush camps are on a clay which dries out very q...
Seedbeds & Seedbed Hygiene20210726073436

Seedbeds & Seedbed Hygiene

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Seedbeds & Seedbed HygieneTobacco seedlings are produced in two different ways:Traditionally in soilIn hydroponic float system productionAs seedbe...
ISO 900120210709094318

ISO 9001

ISO 9001ISO 9001 is defined as the international standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS). Organisations use the sta...


MagHQ2002June 11, 20210 comments
THE BENEFITS OF USING KYNO-HUMATEThe soil environment consists of a variety of physical, biological and chemical factors that affect the abundance a...
Tobacco Grading & Presentation20210528121644

Tobacco Grading & Presentation

Tobacco Grading & Presentation This is the one area that many farmers fall short and costs them better returns. For the grading process there are...
Maguires Recycling Facility20210510132313

Maguires Recycling Facility

MAGUIRE'S APPROACH TO SUSTAINABILITY THROUGH THE RECYCLING OF CHEMICAL CONTAINERSNowadays, Sustainable Development in the Corporate world is a ‘must...
Wheat Season20210423140218

Wheat Season

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Wheat SeasonWith the onset of wheat planting just a quick look at what chemicals and fertilisers Maguires have available for Wheat.Fertilisers:We have...
Seedbed Time Again20210402082739

Seedbed Time Again

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It's Seedbed Time Again!Everyone will shortly be gearing up for seedbeds.It is important to remember many of your fungal and bacterial diseases start ...
Liquid Gypsum20210326064808

Liquid Gypsum

MagHQ2002March 26, 20210 comments
Liquid GypsumWith depleting stocks of local gypsum, we need to look at different sources of gypsum. The one option is Liquid Gypsum.Required amounts o...
Angular Leaf Spot20210226122759

Angular Leaf Spot

MagHQ2002February 26, 20210 comments
Angular Leaf SpotThere has been a tremendous amount of Angular leaf Spot on this year’s tobacco crop, especially the commercial crop. The conditions...