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Commercial Trials Blog: Season 2021 - 22

Maguires has several commercial tobacco trials currently taking place for the Tobacco Season 2021-22. We are conducting these trials on various farms around the country. The purpose of these is trials to find out which chemicals or fertilizers give the best result in their respective field.

Week 1

Enterprise Trials

Date: 18/10/2021

At this specific trial, we are using bio-chemicals and comparing them against the current chemicals we are all using.

As the trials have just begun there is no noticeable difference between the tobacco.

Here is a brief description of the products that we are trailing:

Kiplant VS-04 – Stimulates root activity, enabling the plant to defend itself against pathogens and nematodes. Bactericide, fungicidal and nematicide activity. We have done two different rates which were 5L/ha and 10l/ha.

Cuperdem – Systemic copper solution for control of bacterial and fungal diseases as well as prevention and correction. The Cuperdem we are trialling at 1,5l/ha at 5 weeks, 8 weeks, and 11 weeks.

Commercial Trial Blog

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