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Small Scale Trials Blog: Season 2021 - 22

Maguires has several small-scale trials currently taking place for the Tobacco Season 2021-22. We are conducting these trials on various farms around the country (Centenary, Trelawney, Karoi) where the grower is doing less than 5 hectares of tobacco. The purpose of these is trials to find out which chemicals or fertilizers give the best result in their respective field.

We, Maguires, are executing a total of 39 trial rows on the various small-scale tobacco farms.

Week 1


Date: 18/10/2021

Planting on this small-scale farm was done on Monday 11th of October 2021. Whilst planting went well, there has been evidence of dusty surface beetle one week later. The main reason for this is that the farmer has failed to dispose their old stalks, which is where the beetles lie.

Thankfully, there is no noticeable damage done to any of the plants thus far. However, when you look under any of the old stalks there is several beetles. On the trial rows we have used Imidacloprid and Orizon and without careful application of these chemicals the beetles could cause damage.

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