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Nowadays, Sustainable Development in the Corporate world is a ‘must’. Rules and Regulations in operations has changed drastically over the past decade swinging to a more sustainable approach. Here at Maguires we are proud to announce that we are partaking in this approach with the development of our ‘Chemical Plastic Container Recycling Facility’.

We encourage all farmers (small scale/ commercial) to get behind this initiative. All containers must be sent to our depot and we will take over from there. You will then be given an official certificate of accreditation/compliance that will be certified by CropLife/Syngenta and Maguires.

The required instructions before delivering ‘plastic chemical containers’:

  1. They need to be Triple rinsed
  2. A hole needs to be cut/drilled into each container (anywhere)
  3. As much labels/foil needs to be removed

. . . . .


1) Empty & rinsed plastic containers arrive at our Recycling Facility and  are separated according to their colour, size and type of plastic. The lids are then removed and all containers are then put through a ‘Plastic Cutting Machine’ that shreds them down into micro fragments. (These get used later in the process)

2) After the fragments are sorted and bagged ready for transport the next stage takes place. Chemical residue from the floor and machine are then sprayed down leading directly into two secure sump tanks underground. The chemical waste is then pumped up into and evaporating dish called a ‘HELIOSEC CAGE’ (above ground) that SYNGENTA proudly sponsored. Per the image below, the water from this liquid is evaporated leaving behind chemical residue in the liner. After a year once the liner is full this is disposed/recycled appropriately. This helps stop water and soil contamination.

3) The final stage is the reusing of the plastic fragments. Our plastic fragments are sent off to CORBETT & CO, the fragments are then heated up, melted and placed into moulds to make buckets and crates for the upcoming season.


Kealan Mackenzie

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