Wheat Season

Wheat Season

With the onset of wheat planting just a quick look at what chemicals and fertilisers Maguires have available for Wheat.


We have two choices of cereal blend – 6.23.23 and 6.28.23. The latter being used where you have low phosphate levels in your soil results. These would be applied at around 350kgs per hectare.

For additional Calcium & Sulphur Gypsum can be applied at 300kgs/ha or at about 100kgs/ha for Granulated Gypsum. The third option is to apply between 25 – 50 lts of Liquid Gypsum through the pivot.

For Top Dressing you would generally apply about 500kgs of Ammonium Nitrate.

Maguires has two foliar applications – Wheat Oemff Early which is applied at 4kgs/ha with a vicon or at 8kgs/ha through the pivot at Stooling and Wheat Oemff Flag which is applied at 4kgs/ha with a vicon or at 8kgs/ha through the pivot at Flag leaf.



If a pre planting clean up is necessary you can use Glyphosate 480SL at 2kgs/ha.

For seed dressings the following is available- Baytan 150FS at 165mls per ha of seed and Galmano Plus at 450mls/ha. For soil insects at planting Confidor 70WG can be used at 150g/ha. For ants Fipronil can be used at 200mls/ha.

For weed control MCPA 400SL at 3lts/ha or MCPA 400SL at 1lt/ha mixed with Buctril at 0.5lts/ha.

For Aphid control Acetamiprid 200SP can be used at 100g/ha and Thunder at 300mls/ha which will also control bollworm. For Bollworm you can also use Cartap 500SP at 500g/ha or Belt at 80mls/ha.

For Rust & Powdery you can use Opera or Cabrio Duo at 750mls/ha or Folicur 250EC at 750mls/ha or Twist 500SC at 150mls/ha. For Rust, Powdery & Fusarium you can use Nativo 300SC at 500mls/ha, Ortiva 250SC at 400mls/ha or Amistar Top 325SC or Azoxy Duo 352C at 500mls/ha. For Septoria Blotch & Powdery you can use Folicur 250EC at 400mls/ha mixed with Prosper 500EC at 375mls/ha.

I hope you find this useful.


Sean Price

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