Liquid Gypsum

Liquid Gypsum

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With depleting stocks of local gypsum, we need to look at different sources of gypsum. The one option is Liquid Gypsum.

Required amounts of Liquid Gypsum will vary from 25 to 50lts depending on your soil type and your soil pH. The heavier your soil type and higher your pH the more you will require to apply.

Ezyflow Gypsum is a Liquid Gypsum of tech grade Calcium & Sulphur applied to improve your soil structure by reducing sodium build-up and increasing your Calcium & Sulphur levels in the soil. It can be used in fertigation through your pivot or drip lines as well as a foliar. It is fast acting and pH neutral in contrast with other calcium fertilizers that either raise or lower soil pH.

Major benefits of Liquid Gypsum besides being easier to apply is quicker acting in leaching your salt build-up as Sodium Sulphate due to it being readily soluble and is a more readily available source of Calcium & Sulphur.

Gypsum performs three categories of soil treatment – as an amendment, a conditioner and a fertilizer.

Calcium is essential to the biochemical mechanisms by which most plants nutrients are absorbed through the root. Without sufficient Calcium uptake mechanisms would fail. Calcium is the primary building block of the cell walls and membranes without which cell division will be adversely affected, and structural stability and permeability of the cell walls will suffer. Results show that increasing Calcium to the crop promotes longer shelf life, and reduces bruising.

Gypsum provides accessible Calcium which flocculates clays in both acid and alkaline soils. A flocculated clay forms friable soil with improved soil structure and tilth which allows for deeper, healthier root development and water penetration.

Sean Price

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