Prolonged Wet Spells

What to do during prolonged wet spells?

Foliar or Liquid Fertilizing

Foliar fertilization can be a very useful crop production tool, especially during stressful environmental conditions.

In saturated soil, root growth slows or even stops all together and, as a consequence, crops generally take up less nutrition from the soil, hindering overall growth and yield production.

The overall effectiveness of foliar fertilizers is determined by the ability of nutrients to move into the leaves and be effectively utilized by the crop and using a wetter when applying your foliar fertilization will help the product get through the cuticle layer. Fertilizers that are chelated will work better as a foliar spray.

Washed out tobacco crops are essentially short of nitrogen and crops will benefit from 100kgs of Calcium Nitrate put through the pivot or mixed into water and cupped over the plant with a 30 cup.

Always do a test row before fertilizing the whole land as sometimes stress crops can burn.


Sean Price

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