New Fungicide

Having trouble with fungal diseases from the rainy weather?

Cabrio® Duo is the answer

With the current wet weather around the chances of fungal diseases such as Alternaria, Frogeye and Rhizoctonia are much higher. Whilst the fungus is alive on the tobacco plant it is feeding off protein from the leaf so your major leaf weight loss comes what the fungus has taken out of the leaf and not the spots you can see on the cured leaf.

Cabrio® Duo controls completely the oomycetes fungi in the early phases of infection and with its plant penetrating and systemic action it makes a secure and overall protection.  Through the systemic properties, parts of the plant that were not directly achieved by the spray will also be protected. It penetrates into leaf and stem and spreads from the upper side of the leaves to the bottom side and Cabrio Duo has a long-lasting effect.

On our trials conducted on a commercial farm last year the most effective fungicide was the new BASF product called Cabrio® Duo. The active ingredients are Pyraclostrobin and Dimethomorph. Where we sprayed in the land where there was already visible frogeye most of the brown spot changed to white after spraying. Cured leaf from the trials had less frogeye than leaf from all our products on trial.

Cabrio® Duo for potato blight (early & late). What distinguishes Cabrio® Duo from other products on the market is that it not only stops the infection, but it also provided a longer protection period from late blight during severe climate conditions.

Cabrio® Duo had a very positive impact on Tomato crops and resulted in no powdery mildew or any other infections for that matter.


Sean Price

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